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"Saving Amber" wins Marlowe Methuen Other Prize

Updated: Feb 2

2023 Prize Winners with the Master of Churchill College (from left to right): Joy Adeogun, the Master, Rebekah King, and Elizabeth Stephenson.

The Methuen Marlowe Other Prize is open to those in statu pupillari in the University of Cambridge and is be awarded for an original, unperformed play of any length. The Prize is a single award of £500 and £100 worth of drama books from Methuen Drama and is awarded by Churchill College in conjunction with the Marlowe Society and Methuen Drama.

'Saving Amber' follows a young woman's quest for privacy following an upbringing overshadowed by the intrusion of an influencer mother. It considers what the impact of family channels will be on children currently growing up online.

Congratulations also to runner-up Joy Adeogun, and the poetry prize winner and runner-up Elizabeth Stephenson and Jessica Glueck. It was an honour to be part of a line up of such brilliant and talented women.

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