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"Moderation is a play to get lost in - so deft and exacting is Rebekah King’s writing, so expert is her portrait of post-traumatic stress." 

- Review of Moderation, The Scotsman .

"From the moment In A Cave, A Voice began, I was captivated. This new audio play written by Rebekah King highlights the power of a good story."

- Review of In A Cave, A Voice, Noises Off Magazine .

"A triumph...full of drama and wit."

- Review of The Lady's Mad, The Cherwell.

"An original script that is not only good but alive...a deeply deeply impressive and immersive piece of theatre."

- Review of Naked is the Realm, The Oxford Student. 

My academic background is in English Literature with an undergrad from Warwick and a masters specialising in the period 1550-1700 from Oxford. I have a second, more practice-led masters degree in 'Shakespeare and Creativity' taught jointly by the Shakespeare Institute and Royal Shakespeare Company. This involved putting on an exhibition and co-writing an original play for The Other Place Theatre in Stratford-upon-Avon. I have just handed in my PhD at Cambridge which looked at representations of dangerous magic on the early modern stage and as a researcher I am fascinated by the history of storytelling, performance, and belief. 

My writing career began in Oxford when I put on my first play, Naked is the Realm, in the chapel of my college (St Peter's). After that, I began to work professionally and have since written plays of varying lengths, cast sizes, and styles for numerous companies across the UK and beyond. I have a wide range of interests, and a soft spot for the horror genre, but what unites my work is my love of a good story. 


I won the Pembroke Players Playwriting Award for my play In a Cave, a Voice which premiered at NSDF and was nominated for the Brighton International Fringe Encore Award. I won both the CUADC Playwriting Award and the Cambridge Creatives Award for Moderation which was then selected by Lily-Livered productions for a fully-funded slot at the Edinburgh Fringe. It was able to extend its run there  and transferred to Greenwich Theatre for its pick of the Fringe season 2023. I recently won the Methuen Marlowe Other Prize for a play I am still developing called Saving Amber. I was a finalist for the Radius Drama Award with Naked is the Realm, and also for the Questors Student Playwriting Award with The Lady's Mad.

I have been involved with numerous outreach and public engagement projects. During my PhD I ran the Cambridge Festival Student Creative Team and created the Cambridge Festival student podcast 'Say That Again Slowly'.

Please get in touch if you have an idea for a project!

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