"An original script that is not only good but alive...a deeply deeply impressive and immersive piece of theatre."

- Review of Naked is the Realm, The Oxford Student. 

"A triumph...full of drama and wit."

- Review of The Lady's Mad, The Cherwell.

My academic background is in English Literature, with a first class degree from Warwick, and a masters degree specialising in the period 1550-1700 from Oxford. I have a second, more practical masters degree in 'Shakespeare and Creativity' taught jointly by the Shakespeare Institute and Royal Shakespeare Company. This involved putting on an exhibition and co-writing an original play for The Other Place Theatre in Stratford-upon-Avon, and I was awarded funding for this study via the Birmingham Masters Scholarship. I am currently undertaking a PhD at Cambridge on perceptions of science vs magic in the early modern mind. 

My writing career began in Oxford when I put on my first play, Naked is the Realm, in the chapel of my college (St Peter's). After that, I began to work professionally and have since written plays of varying lengths, cast sizes, and styles for numerous companies across the UK and beyond. Having cut my teeth with longer scripts and adaptations, I have recently tried my hand at short modern pieces for scratch night competitions. In 2019 I had five of these chosen and performed in London. 

I've had quite an eclectic career so far, but I hope that what unites my work is the belief that theatre should be accessible, intelligent, and fun. Modern playwrights are competing with Youtube and the pub so we've got to step it up and entertain. If you want to work with me please get in touch! 

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