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Research/Public Engagement

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Events and Exhibitions

2022-3 creator and producer of the Student Poetry Trail exhibition in the Cambridge Botanic Garden. Student poets wrote short poems revealing interesting facts about overlooked plants which were installed as alternative plant labels during the course of the Cambridge Festival. A collaboration with poet and plant scientist Anne Thomas.

2022-3 creator and producer of a project to reconstruct a puppet prop from an early modern play for the Cambridge Festival, a collaboration with student designers and Dr Nicole Sheriko which culminated in the event 'Puppet Magic on the Early Modern Stage' in the English Faculty's Judith E. Wilson Studio. 

2022-3 creator and producer of a project to make a replica of a 1923 polar-themed party costumed housed in the Polar Museum for the Cambridge Festival, culminating in the event: 'Polar Textiles: the hidden stories of polar women' at the Polar Museum. A collaboration with student costume designers and Henrietta Hammant from the museum. 

2021-present co-creator and producer of Cambridge Festival Student Creative Team a new initiative to get students involved with the Cambridge festival, producing, filming, editing and presenting online content to accompany the festival with the Cambridge Museums, Botanic Garden, AstraZeneca, Kettle's Yard, Fitzwilliam Museum and more. In our second year we also ran our own live events (see above). 

2021, co-convener of “The Multimedia Craft of Wonder, Forming and Performing Marvels in Medieval and Early Modern Worlds, 1200-1600,” conference with Hannah Bower, a full day’s conference at Churchill College, Cambridge, with a sculpture tour and evening concert of medieval music.

Talks, Interviews and Lectures

2023, Polar Textiles: the hidden stories of polar women. Polar Museum, Cambridge.

2023, We Shall Not Cease From Exploration - The Poetry of Research. Interview with David Cain and participants in the Creative Encounters Words programme. For 'Say That Again Slowly,' the Cambridge Festival Podcast.

2022, The Logic of Religion, interview with theologian Ryan Haecker. For 'Say That Again Slowly,' the Cambridge Festival Podcast.

2022, Fighting the Big Diseases at AstraZeneca, interview with AstraZenecea researchers. For 'Say That Again Slowly,' the Cambridge Festival Podcast. 

2022, Imagining Aliens, interview with Wallace Arthur. For 'Say That Again Slowly,' the Cambridge Festival Podcast.'

2022, Animals in Biomedical Research: Replacement, Reduction, and Refinement. For 'Say That Again Slowly,' the Cambridge Festival Podcast. 

2021, Moths at the Cambridge Museum of Zoology, interview with prof. Edgar Turner. Filmed for the Cambridge Festival.

2021, Gold of the Great Steppe, behind-the-scenes tour and interview of the Fitzwilliam Museum special exhibition with Dr Rebecca Roberts. Filmed for the Cambridge Festival.

2021, Discovering the Universe, behind-the-scenes tour of the Whipple Museum and interview with Alison Giles. Filmed for the Cambridge Festival.

2021 “Spatial Palimpsests and theatrical magic on the early modern stage,” 20 minute talk at the  Cambridge AHRC International Conference “Across Distance” Supported by the Open-Oxford-Cambridge AHRC DTP. 

2021 “Dangerous Experiments: The Metatheatre of Magic on the early modern stage” 20 minutes talk at “O’ you wonder!”: Worldviews in pre-1750 literature, Cambridge English Graduate Conference.

2020 “How to Win Friends and Exorcise Demons”, flash talk, 5 minutes at the Graduate Research Forum, University of Cambridge.

Misc Public Engagement Work

2022-present, creator and producer of 'Say That Again Slowly' the Cambridge Festival Podcast which sees students interview experts who have contributed to the festival. Supported by the Cambridge University Press Bookshop.

2022 Cambridge Creative Encounters, Behind the Curtain. I was one of four researchers who worked with Sixth Form theatre group Babolin Young Company to bring my research to life for a wider audience.

2022 ThinkLab leader: Developing the Cambridge Festival Student Creative Team Initiative.

2022 Faust Shop Artistic Producer I helped curate and produce a Faustus-themed exhibition in the Grafton Centre Sook Space including a retelling of Faustus performed in that space which focussed on the concept of a digital soul. 

2022 ThinkLab participant: Collections, Connections, Communities project with the Cambridge University Museums.

2021 ThinkLab participant: Expanding the output of the Cambridge Festival.

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