Shakespeare Institute Cohort, Royal Shakespeare Company: The Other Place Theatre.


50 minute play co-written with Lucia Xu as part of our MA in Shakespeare and Creativity. 

1977. Imogen, the daughter of a great folk musician, is torn between her father's world and the musical possibilities of the electronic era. Hedgehog and Pearl Haired Girl, two folkloric characters from her father's favourite songs, appear to offer their 'helpful' opinions. 

This was a piece prompted by theme 'Challenging Shakespeare' and the story was a precise parallel of the clash between old and new theatre forms at the dawning of Shakespeare's golden age.


It was devised 'ensemble' which meant that the co-writers had to incorporate everyone's ideas, and we produced it on a budget of £1000 as part of a double bill with the help of the RSC and its experts. I also did the lighting. 



Behind the Scenes
Photos by Sam Allard (c) RSC