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Slackline Productions, The Southwark Playhouse


15 minute play, one of 7 presented as part of the Slackline 24 hour writing challenge for International Women's Day 2020. 

A con-woman masquerading as a psychic gets a taste of her own medicine...

Having won a place on Slackline's 2019 scratch night with my play 'Bats', I was asked to return to be part of this challenge where I wrote through the night, then handed the script to a director (Lizzie Jackson) and two actors (Erin Hunter and Katharine Jee) who prepared it for performance the following evening. 

Audience feedback: 

"Really funny and engaging.  I really wanted to see the adventures of these two."

"Funny and nuanced.  Inspired by ‘Parasite’ maybe?" 

"Really funny and worked well"

"Like to see them when they team up.  Nice twist, well-executed"

"Felt like a pilot"

"Great starting point for a series (TV)"

"Loved the scammer being scammed…Great twist!!"

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