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In a Cave, A Voice

Winner of the Pembroke Players Playwriting Award 2021
Nominated for the Brighton International Fringe Encore Award sponsored by Soho Playhouse NYC 2022. 

Pembroke Players, National Student Drama Festival 2021 (Audio Version)

Anything That Moves, Brighton Fringe 2022 (Live Version)

50 minute play in both an audio only and live version

Left alone while her family searches for the missing herd, a Neolithic girl seeks comfort in imaginary friends. As she fills the cave with stories, the reality of isolation starts to take its toll, and The Thing Without a Face is drawing closer all the while...

Available to listen to upon request



From the moment In A Cave, A Voice began, I was captivated. This new audio play written by Rebekah King highlights the power of a good story...In A Cave A Voice has sparked my interest in the Stone Age period. Stories echo round the walls of the cave, bouncing off each other: this is a story I'm confident will be told in caves and drama studios alike long after NSDF draws to a close.

Elisha Pearce, for Noises Off 

Pembroke Players’ piece left me oddly nostalgic, its simplicity and purity connecting me to a child-like fantasy. Even as the play’s ending looms, the joy in Chung’s voice waning, the emotional resolve is carried with a sophisticated elegance, our raconteur leaving us by the firelight where our journey began. King’s script is simply sublime; written to be lost in. The experience of In a Cave is a masterclass in a form of theatre the pandemic cannot tarnish. A year after theatres closed their doors, audio plays like this are inevitable, storytelling at its most primal. Intimate and colourful, Pembroke Players’ piece deftly demonstrates the power of this re-emerging theatrical experience. 

Mark Smith, for Noises Off
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